Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual General Meeting on Monday 18 September 2017. We received very positive feedback from those who attended. You can find a summary of the event below.

The Annual General Meeting was opened by Samar Sheikh, Chairperson for Lanarkshire Carers Centre. A copy of Samar’s opening remarks is included in our Annual Report, along with the Managers Report and Treasurers Summary.

Brian Fitzgerald, Treasurer for Lanarkshire Carers Centre presented the annual accounts for the organisation. A copy of the accounts will be available on our website shortly.

Colin Smith, Depute Manager for Lanarkshire Carers Centre gave an overview of the organisations performance over the past year, supplemented by presentations from staff on a number of the services we provide and the difference these services make to carers.

Click here to view/download a copy of our annual report (PDF)

We also had a number of guest speakers at our Annual General Meeting this year. Heather Noller, Parliamentary and Policy Officer from Carers Trust Scotland gave an overview of the latest developments relating to the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 and Adult Carer Support Planning. Claire Cairns, Coalition of Carers in Scotland gave an overview of the Social Security Scotland Bill and what this means for carers. As part of this session, a 15 minute video from the Minister for Social Security, Jeanne Freeman was presented at the end of the meeting, providing an update for carers on the plans for social security in Scotland. You can view this video here:

Renowned Mindfulness Teacher, Martin Stepek ended the Annual General Meeting with a Mindfulness Session. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all and highlighted the need for carers to relax and take time for themselves.

Published: 22 September 2017