Carer Digital Diaries

At our AGM in October 2015 we previewed the carer digital diaries video produced by North Lanarkshire Council which detailed personal accounts of the difference that Lanarkshire Carers Centre made to individual carers accessing our services.


When we asked those who attended the AGM to tell us what they thought they told us the content was powerful, informative, moving, helpful, inclusive and respectful. Carers told us that the film showcased the wide range of support offered to carers and how important this was. This extremely positive feedback is a great example of how Lanarkshire Carers Centre ensures carers have a voice which is heard, listened to and effective. The organisation seeks to empower carers to take a central role in designing, developing and delivering services. 

You can view the video on North Lanarkhsire Council's YouTube channel here:

Published: 10 November 2015