Would you like to help Lanarkshire Carers raise money to support carers in Lanarkshire?  You can find details of the different ways you can do this below:





SoundRoutes Singers

SoundRoutes have kindly chosen Lanarkshire Carers as their nominated charity, working in partnership with us to raise funds for the centre.

SoundRoutes Singers are one choir spread over seven locations in central Scotland. They sing a collection of folk, pop, roots, rock, world and gospel music. 

For more information, please visit the SoundRoutes website: 


If you would like to get involved and fundraise for Lanarkshire Carers, please call us on 01698 428090.


If you're shopping why not use Amazon Smile and nominate Lanarkshire Carers as your chosen charity and then just shop as normal. The Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of all eligible purchases.

So, if you're an Amazon shopper, remember to use our direct link: and select Lanarkshire Carers the next time you're shopping.

This is a really easy way for you to make a donation to Lanarkshire Carers when making planned purchases.

As a charity, we rely on the kindness and generosity of the many individuals and organisations who help support us. No matter how large or small the amount, we are always thankful for your support.

The 50/50 Club is a fundraising intiative that enables its members to win a cash prize every month whilst contributing to the future success fo Lanarkshire Carers.


How does it work?

£1 is entered into a draw each month for each active member. Half of the draw fund is donated to the centre and the other half is paid to the prize winner. For example:

  • Number of active members in month: 100 
  • Amount of money entered into monthly draw: £100
  • Amount donated to centre: £50
  • Prize winner receives: £50

The prize amount is dependent on the number of active members each month, so the more active members there are, the greater the prize amount!


How much does it cost?

It costs just £12 to join the 50/50 Club. This entitles each member to 1 entry a month over a 12 month period.


How do I join?

Click here to complete a membership form

Previous Winners

  • November 2019: J Williams (£42, donated back to Lanarkshire Carers)
  • October 2019: C McNiven (£40.50)
  • September 2019: J McNay (£42)
  • August 2019: M Sim (£42.50)
  • July 2019: B Craig (£43, donated back to Lanarkshire Carers)
  • June 2019: R Wilson (£45) 
  • May 2019: S Bogan (£47)
  • April 2019: T McIntyre (£47)
  • March 2019: F McGregor (£45.50)
  • February 2019: D Low (£45)
  • January 2019: A McKiddie (£41.50)
  • December 2018: E Sommerville (£45.50)
  • November 2018: J L Davidson (£48.00)
  • October 2018: I Khan (£47.00)
  • September 2018: K Girvan (£46)
  • August 2018: S Bogan (£46.50)
  • July 2018: B Craig (£48.00)
  • June 2018: J Lennox (£48)
  • May 2018: M Wilson (£45)
  • April 2018: J Davidson (£46)
  • March 2018: P Binney (£45)
  • February 2018: R MacDonald (£46.00)
  • January 2018: C Grierson (£45.00)
  • December 2017: P Hughes (£49.50)
  • November 2017: C Freeman (£49.50)


You can make an online donation using a credit/debit card or paypal through Lanarkshire Carers's Localgiving account: 

eBay for Charity

You can also make an donation to us via eBay or sell an item and donate a percentage of the sale to Lanarkshire Carers.

To make a donation, click on this link: 

Search for 'The Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre Ltd' and select the relevant option from the corresponding page.

Other ways to donate

We also welcome donations via other methods such as Cheque & BACS payments, as well as through collection tins located in our centres or at planned events and activities. If you would like to discuss other ways of making a donation, please contact us on 01698 428090.