Carer Membership

Lanarkshire Carers works with and for carers to develop and deliver services that make a positive difference in their lives.

We are a well-established carer-led organisation formed in 1995 by local carers for local carers. The organisation has grown and developed extensively since that time and remains a member-led organisation, committed to ensuring carers have a voice that is heard, listened to, and effective. We value carers' experience and knowledge and support their involvement in our governance and in the design, development, and shaping of the services we provide. We also support carer voice, influence, participation, and representation locally and nationally.

Partnership with carers is the foundation of Lanarkshire Carers and opportunities for participation are in place at all levels. Our members – carers - can be involved at any stage of their caring journey, in ways that suit their circumstances and interests. Our Carer Involvement Policy outlines how carers can get involved and what support is available to help them participate.

The Board of Directors is elected by our full membership and is responsible for the overall governance, legal duties, and strategic direction of the charity. The board meets regularly throughout the year and holds an annual general meeting of full members once a year. Our governing document, the Articles of Association, sets out the constitution, objects, and purpose of the charity and our membership structure.

Lanarkshire Carers is open to all adult carers who live in Lanarkshire (North and South). There are two membership options to choose from; affiliate member and full member. Both are free and provide full access to all our services. Carers can also change between the two membership options at any time if they wish to do so.

Memberships Options

Affiliate Membership:

This is for carers who want to access our services without becoming a full member. Affiliate members contribute through service review and evaluation activities and by sharing feedback, comments and suggestions based on their experience of accessing our help and support. Some general consultation and involvement opportunities will also be shared with affiliate members depending on the contact options they choose. Affiliate members have no voting rights.

Full Membership:

This is for carers who want to access our services and also want to contribute to the governance of the organisation through full member responsibilities.

Full members have voting rights at general meetings and will also be invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other activities including:

  • Full member meetings, including opportunities to meet with and inform the Board of Directors
  • Opportunities to influence decision making
  • Service development activities
  • Focus and topic groups
  • Consultative and advisory groups
  • External meetings and developments seeking carer involvement

Lanarkshire Carers will provide full members with information and practical support to participate. We want to involve carers, listen to their views, and achieve better outcomes for everyone. We hope you will consider Full membership of our organisation and look forward to welcoming you to one of the full member activities. They are all optional and at varied days and times throughout the year!

Last Updated: Monday, 13 June, 2022

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