Keep the Beat Alive Campaign

Keep the Beat Alive Campaign

Lanarkshire Carers has joined nearly 2000 community groups, charities, and social enterprises from across South Lanarkshire; who collectively are the heartbeat of our communities providing vital services and supporting people in need, as part of the #KeepTheBeatAlive campaign.

The campaign has been co-produced by a range of organisations across South Lanarkshire and features the advice, expertise and passion of people working, volunteering and being supported across our vibrant communities.

The campaign is based on three big, important asks:

  • We want the value of the third sector to be recognised for the services we deliver to so many people and communities across South Lanarkshire.
  • Be smarter about funding to continue the vital services that sustain our communities and how we use what is available in a more flexible, longer-term way that puts trust at the heart of what we do.
  • We want to strengthen our communities through better collaboration between the third sector and public sector - because we know when we work well together, our communities are better for it.

Together, we can make a difference!

Let’s #KeepTheBeatAlive

Find out more on the campaign website:

You can read the Impact Report by clicking the image below:

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Lanarkshire Carers Centre: Airdrie

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