Lanarkshire Carers: Exemplary Carer Positive Employer

Lanarkshire Carers: Exemplary Carer Positive Employer

Lanarkshire Carers is delighted to have been awarded Exemplary status for Carer Positive. This award is presented to employers in Scotland who are recognised for exemplary support for working carers.

Lanarkshire Carers works with and for carers to develop and deliver services that make a positive difference to their lives. This vision provides the foundations of our organisation, it is the main purpose of our work and it guides our role as an employer.

This award is recognition of our creative and innovative approaches to supporting and involving carers employed by Lanarkshire Carers. Through continuous improvement and innovation we have strengthened our support to carers in employment, with an ongoing focus on staff health and wellbeing. As an organisation we have been commended for our strong commitment and culture of supporting carers within the organisation and the wider community.

The organisation has held Carer Positive award as Engaged, then Established for 8 years. The Exemplary level is the highest level of Carer Positive award available and is presented to organisations that evidence that they are going above and beyond to provide support for members of staff with caring responsibilities.

Barbara McAuley, CEO said ‘we are really pleased to have progressed to Carer Positive at Exemplary Level, it is extremely important to everyone in the organisation that carers are supported to balance life, work and their caring roles’.

Samar Sheikh, Chairperson said ‘the Board of Directors aims to be an employer of choice in Lanarkshire. Supporting carers is at the heart of everything we do as an organisation and many of our employees are carers themselves. We do everything in our power to support carers who work for Lanarkshire Carers and are delighted to be recognised as an Exemplary Carers Positive employer in Scotland’.  

Ann Marie Kerr, staff member said ‘This achievement is fantastic, and so well-deserved!  I have never known an organisation like Lanarkshire Carers, where staff are valued so much, and their caring status taken into consideration with every decision-making activity.  I recently was at the receiving end of this amazing support in my caring role, both from the organisation, and from the wonderful people who work here.’ 

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