Challenger Children’s Fund

Challenger Children’s Fund


Applicants can apply for up to £500 (more may be granted in some circumstances) towards anything that is required to meet the special needs of the child but is not provided by statutory sources e.g. clothing, apparatus, equipment, household appliances, furniture, travel, adaptations to home or garden. Grants cannot be made retrospectively.

Challenger Children's Fund accept applications made on behalf of physically disabled children who are under the age of 18 years and resident in Scotland.

Eligibility Criteria

By physically disabled they mean any child under the age of 18 years, who is long-term and significantly disabled through a physical impairment of the musclo-skeletal, neurological or cardio-respiratory system of the body. When considering grant applications a high rate for DLA mobility is always looked for.

The following conditions on their own do not meet the criteria of the fund, however if these conditions are associated with a physical disability then they will be considered: mental health issues, learning disabilities, behavioural disorders, development delay, Down’s Syndrome, autism, visual or hearing impairment, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, HIV, back pain and chronic fatigue syndrome. 


This fund is currently available for eligible applicants.

How to Apply

Applications must be sponsored by a Social Worker, GP, Health Visitor, District Nurse or Therapist. Trainee workers and community care assistants may also apply, but a qualified person must countersign the application.

More information can be found here:

Challenger Children's Fund website


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