Case Study

Case Study

A Young Adult Carer registered with Lanarkshire Carers Centre previously, but had not accessed any of our services or engaged beyond registration as they thought the services we offered were not really appropriate for their age group. Since joining the Young Adult Carer project, this young carer has begun to engage on a regular basis and has now accessed a range of support and services to help with their caring role. 

After attending one of our group sessions, the Young Adult Carer disclosed they had never received any Moving and Handling training. The Young Person’s caring role is very physically demanding and they had also not received any specific training relating to equipment such as bed hoists etc. Lanarkshire Carers centre was able to organise a home-visit from PhysiCare to provide personalised Safe Moving and Handling training so the young person can safeguard their own health whilst caring. 

The Young Adult Carer has also been supported to apply for a Creative Breaks grant. Through chatting at group sessions it become clear that the young person had a real passion for film and we have applied for Creative Breaks funding to get the carer an annual pass for their local cinema.  They have also received advice relating to benefits and been supported to attend benefit meetings to ensure income is safeguarded and Jobcentre staff are aware of their caring responsibilities.

They are also accessing emotional support on a regular basis. This young adult carer feels more comfortable engaging with Lanarkshire Carers Centre and has developed good relationships with other Young Adult Carers and our Young Adult Carer support worker.

The Young Person and their family have attended several legal clinics at our centre. This free legal advice has allowed the young person to set up Power of Attorney their loved one. They have also been supported to become involved in raising awareness of Young Adult Carers issues at both local and national level. This includes becoming involved in the national Young Adult Carer Voice campaign through Carers Trust. 

If you are a Young Adult Carer aged between 18-25 and would like more information on the support we have available, please get in touch with us by calling 01698 428090.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 April, 2022

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