Pauline's Story

Pauline cares for both of her parents and was successful in applying for a Creative Break award, which allowed her to have a weekend away in Aviemore.

Pauline cares for her parents, her mother has lung cancer and her father who has COPD, mobility issues and heart failure.  Pauline and her sister both care for their parents but Pauline gave up her tenancy and moved in with her parents.  Pauline said that since moving into her parents’ house her life has changed beyond recognition.  Her mother’s diagnosis has had a horrible effect on all of their lives and while her mother is trying to be brave, her health is deteriorating really quickly.  

I’m finding it really upsetting to watch both my parents deteriorating so quickly and I feel like I’ve already hit a crisis point.  I get no time to myself at all anymore and between caring and trying to keep my business going I feel like I have nothing to look forward to.” 

Pauline came into contact with Lanarkshire Carers Centre in December 2016 and was provided with invaluable information regarding benefits and assistance to help her cope with the pressure of caring for her parents.  One of the services was the opportunity to apply for a Creative Break award, which allowed Pauline to have a weekend away.  She advised that the application was a very simple and quick process.  Pauline chose to go snowboarding in Aviemore for a long weekend, and stayed in the Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel. 

The experience was magical and just what I needed.”

“The short break allowed me to recharge my batteries, relax and take some time for myself, which is just as important as looking after my parents.  I am really thankful to Lanarkshire Carers Centre for giving me the opportunity to enjoy myself and do something I love.”

“It is my pleasure and privilege to care for my parents, and I am proud that I am able to do so although it is hard at times, and it sometimes takes its toll on me.  Unless you are in a position of having to be responsible for someone’s welfare, and care for them on a day to day basis, it is difficult to comprehend the challenges that are faced.  Lanarkshire Carers Centre give me emotional support and tools that allow me to look after my parents, and just as importantly, look after me.  I can’t thank them enough for their help and support.”