Gwen's Story

Gwen is a single parent who has four children, the oldest of whom has Asperger’s and diabetes. He requires routine within his life and Gwen carries this out on a day to day basis. She also has to make sue she is there to support her other children through their teenage years and into adulthood.

Gwen has suffered health problems herself in the last few years and felt that attending the gym and swimming would help her to recover. Gwen was advised to apply for funding and was successful in being awarded Creative Break funds. Gwen used this to buy a year’s membership for the local gym and fitness centre, which also incorporates swimming and sauna.

Gwen utilises this form of exercise to improve her physical and emotional wellbeing and she said that “it gives me the time I need for myself and allows me to switch off from my parent and carer responsibilities for a short space of time.” Gwen goes for a swim every morning when her children are at school, work and/or college and she also goes to the gym with one of her friends as often as she can manage.