Jean's Story

Jean cares for her husband who has cancer and other health issues. Jean said that her caring role leaves her tired and stressful. Jean applied for Creative Breaks funding to go on a short break with her husband to Montrose.

Jean and her best friend Ann, who is also a carer, have always went on holiday together and now that both their husbands have dementia they feel that are able to support each other whilst there.

Jean and Ann went on holiday abroad with their husbands last year but Jean’s husband became really ill and had to be hospitalised and they decided that this time they would holiday in Scotland. Jean’s husband was diagnosed with dementia in 2015 and Ann’s husband has had dementia for 18 years and as stated before both ladies now support each other.

The two couples booked into a hotel in Montrose for four days and Jean informed that the weather was great, the hotel was gorgeous and the staff were very friendly. They did some sightseeing on the trip and visited the Air Station Heritage Centre and it brought back some lovely memories for Jean’s husband as he was previously in the RAF.

Jean said that the short break helped “recharge her batteries as she didn’t have to decide what to make for dinner as the meals were prepared for her and they were lovely.” Ann said that the break was “very mentally refreshing and thoroughly enjoyed by all.”