Lanarkshire Carers Caring Through Covid Fund

Statement from Lanarkshire Carers regarding Caring Through Covid Fund

The Board of Directors, management and staff team at Lanarkshire Carers recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has, and continues to have, a disproportionate impact on unpaid carers. We are aware that many carers are taking on longer and more intense caring roles, and there are also many people in Lanarkshire who are taking on new caring roles and responsibilities.

Lanarkshire Carers is run by and for carers. Since forming in 1995 we have taken huge pride in the work that we have done in supporting carers in Lanarkshire, and never more so than during the pandemic. Throughout this time we have ensured continuity and development of our services, working with thousands of carers across Lanarkshire to enable them to continue to care and look after their own health and well-being.

Everyone at Lanarkshire Carers works extremely hard to deliver a range of information, advice and direct support for carers, including the delivery of various grant funds to assist carers in their caring roles. The recent announcement of an additional £750,000 of funding from Scottish Government for carers support across Scotland has led to an increase in demand on our services which has well exceeded even our own expectations. Our organisation was asked to take responsibility for Lanarkshire’s allocation of this funding, to distribute in the form of individual grants to carers. The volume of applications received in the first day of the fund opening led to some technical difficulties with our online applications process and we took the difficult decision to temporarily pause applications in order to make essential technical changes. We understand that this may have been frustrating for some carers but we are confident that the processes and procedures we have in place to assess applications are robust, fair, and transparent. 

Lanarkshire Carers Caring Through Covid Fund will re-open for online applications at 9am on Friday 12 February 2021 until midday on Saturday 13 February 2021.

Online applications can be submitted during this period via the web page for this fund:

Click here for more information about Lanarkshire Carers Caring Through Covid Fund

To ensure funding is awarded fairly and consistently to as many carers as possible, we may be required to prioritise applications in line with the guidance set out in the eligibility criteria for this fund or award a lesser amount than requested in an application. We encourage applicants to consider the most practical, cost effective use of this grant to support them in their caring role at this time.

Before applying, please read through all of the information provided on the web page for this fund, including the types of breaks we will consider.  Inevitably, we know this fund will be over-subscribed. We can only work within the limits of the funding received and we ask for your patience, understanding and respect towards our staff who are dealing with this additional work. The majority of our Board of Directors, staff and volunteer team are carers themselves, balancing their roles at Lanarkshire Carers alongside their caring responsibilities.

Grant funding is one aspect of our work and we are still here to provide information, advice and support to carers in all the usual ways. For further information on all the services we can offer please review the information available here on our website or call our us on 01698 428090 / 01236 755550.

Published: 10 February 2021