Ten for Zen

Ten for Zen brings Mindfulness into your life with low cost, Mindfulness practices, guided by Martin Stepek, in handy, 10 minutes a day, audio courses.


Martin is one of Scotland's most respected Mindfulness teachers, Sunday Herald Columnist on Mindfulness and published Author in the subject. He has been practicing Mindfulness for approximately 20 years.

Mindfulness has been practiced around the world for 1,000's of years and many have felt huge benefits to their health and well-being, including reducing stress and increasing happiness and fulfilment. There is now a growing body of science confirming these benefits.


Details of Offer

20% discount off any of the Mindfulness audio courses on the Ten for Zen website.


How to access this offer

Visit the Ten for Zen website: www.tenforzen.co.uk/shop-ten-for-zen 

Please use coupon code 20-OFF at the checkout and the discount will be automatically applied.