The Future of Care in South Lanarkshire - South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Hub: Blantyre

South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Hub - Blantyre


So, what will the new Care Hub in Blantyre/Hamilton Locality look like?
The new Care Hub (architect’s drawing above) will serve South Lanarkshire and has four distinct elements:

  • 20 transitional care beds for adults and older people (intermediate/transitional care offers short term support with the objective of allowing people to return home following a period of ill health or crisis Transitional care can also be preventative, preventing hospital admission)
  • A centre of excellence – specialising in training and development of health and social care staff. Although unique to the proposed Hamilton/Blantyre facility, this will support all localities
  • A community-facing hub featuring: a café; demonstration site (showcasing our Telehealth technology and how that can improve lives); guidance and support for unpaid carers; linkage and signposting into a raft of community-based voluntary and third sector supports.
  • 20 technology enabled homes for adults and older people.

Overall, the focus is on the desire for people to remain at home when possible and appropriate. This is also geared to supporting the increasing number of unpaid carers in our communities.

Published: 17 July 2019